Studio Policy/ Student-Teacher Contract

The following policies have been put in place in order to clearly state what is to be expected of both the teacher and the student:


Payment must be made to the teacher directly at the end
of each lesson, unless the student purchases their
lessons in advance.

Once past the initial trial period, the student must make a deposit
of two lessons. *See Lesson Termination for more information*
Note that the cello student is expected to attend lessons regularly, once trial period ends.

Lessons are $60 per hour and $30 per half hour.  A set number of scholarships are available for students willing to put more than the average effort in to their studies, and follow a strict practice schedule.

Cancellation- Cello Student Guidelines

If the student must cancel for any reason, they are required to give
24 hour notice to the teacher.

1. The student is given 3 excused absences during the school year, and 3 during the summer.  Only cancellations where the teacher receives at least 24 hour notice are eligible to be excused. These lessons are not charged to the student.

2.  Once all 3 excused absences are used, all other cancellations with a 24 hour notice will
be charged to the student, but may be rescheduled
to another day of the week, if possible for both teacher and student.

3. Cancellations that have less than 24 hour notice must be paid in full
 and may not be excused or taken on another day. *At the discretion
of the teacher, exceptions may be made in case of an emergency. If
the teacher makes an exception, that lesson may be made up on another day.

Cancellation- Cello Teacher Guidelines

If the student cancels, providing a 24 hour notice, the teacher will make that lesson up on another day.
2. If the teacher must cancel for any reason, the student is not charged.
If possible and the student wishes it, the lesson may be made up on a different day.

Lesson Termination

If the student wishes to cease taking cello lessons, they are required to give
two weeks notice before discontinuing. The student's deposit will
cover the final two lessons. If the student fails to meet this requirement, they forfeit
their deposit, which then acts as a discontinuation fee. 

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